Saturday, February 20, 2010

I wanted to share two children's books that we have come to love recently. There are not too many books that I enjoy reading over and over (and over) again to my children, but these have been around for a while and are definitely in the category of excellent books for children.

Wild About Books by Judy Sierra is about a librarian who accidently drives her Book Mobile into the zoo. "In a flash, every beast in the zoo was stampeding to learn all about this new something called reading." Molly, the librarian, finds books to suit each animal's tastes and needs, then teaches them the proper way to handle books. The love of reading leads the animals to write their own books and eventually build their own "Zoobrary." So,

When you visit the zoo now, you surely won't mind
If the animals seem just a bit hard to find -
They are snug in their niches, their nests and their nooks,
Going wild, simply wild, about wonderful books.

Tiddler by Julia Donaldson is another favorite. While Julia has written many wonderful children's books including The Gruffalo, I thoroughly enjoyed this story about a little fish who likes to tell tall tales. Tiddler is always late to school, and he always has an elaborate story as an excuse. One day, however, he runs into real trouble and finds himself far from home. He's lost and afraid until he hears a familiar story. By following it back from one sea creature to another, he is able to re-trace his way home again. This book is an excellent read-aloud with its lilting rhythm and the opportunity to use many different voices in the text.

What have been your favorite children's picture books?

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