Sunday, May 30, 2010

Did you know that honey is a natural preservative? The composition of honey allows it to bind to water molecules. This means that bread made with honey will not get stale as quickly as bread made with sugar. You can get more technical information here.

Because honey is a natural sweetener, it contains trace minerals and vitamins that refined sugar does not have as well as antioxidant properties. Also, the body takes longer to absorb honey, making it a *slightly* healthier choice.

There is no hard fast rule for substituting honey for sugar in a recipe. It is a matter of trial and error. Honey is sweeter and wetter, so in general, you can use less of it and reduce the liquid content as well.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ah... the words that put life back in perspective. I remember after my son was born wondering how long it would be before I would hear that "I love you, Mama" come spontaneously from my child. It was wonderful the first time, and it has been wonderful every time since.

What a privilege it is to get those hugs from grubby hands and kisses from sticky lips. What a treasure to be able to pause and hold my son closely as he declares his love. What joy it gives him to see the happiness on his mother's face. As Mary did, I want to store up these moments in my heart to remember on those days when my boy is either unwilling or unable to wrap his arms around his mom and proclaim, "Everyday I love you, Mama."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Motherhood is hard. Yes, yes... there are great rewards in motherhood - intrinsic and extrinsic - that cause us to choose this path again and again, but there days when just getting out of bed one more time seems impossible. Some days when I'm up to my elbows in poop, snot, tears and tantrums, it is easy to wish it away... or at least wish it fast-forwarded. I was reminded about this post a couple of days ago when I was coming out of the store with my two little ones. In front of me was an elderly woman in a wheelchair who was being pushed by another woman. It struck me that some day that could very well be me. Some day I may be relying on other people to take me shopping where I will see someone else's small children running around. When that day comes, I can only imagine that I will miss THOSE DAYS. The days of small children. The days of discovery and innocence. The days of teaching and training. The days of silly jokes and giggles. The days of being the only comforter my child wants. The days of wide-eyed wonder. The days of being able to open my arms and see my kids come flying for a hug. These days will not last forever and some day I'm going to miss them. I hope that I will live today in such a way that despite missing "those days" I will have no regrets. I hope that I will embrace life - my children - NOW so as not to look back in sorrow upon lost years. The days might seem long, but the years will fly by and there is no turning back. May each of us build memories today that will bring smiles tomorrow.

THIS is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.