Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Mei Li,

Can my baby really be a year old already? It's gone by far too fast. This year you've grown from a helpless, dependent infant to a little girl who is pushing older kids around to get up the slide. It is amazing what changes can take place in a year's time.

I always refer to you as my perfect baby. It's possible that there are easier babies out there, but I fell in love with you from day one and that feeling hasn't changed. I have loved watching your personality unfold. You were quick to smile, but slow to laugh. Slow to roll, but quick to sit.... then stand... then walk.... then run. Everyone was amazed to see such a petite, little girl toddling around the room at nine months. To this day, your mother and strangers alike are often surprised by the abilities you have for your age.

You are my go-getter. You see what you want and go for it. Just the other day, I stood back and watched you try to climb up on a chair at the table. You had done it once before, but this time you were struggling and screaming in frustration because you knew it was possible. Sure enough... you figured it out and that evening you repeatedly climbed up to the table until you had the technique down-pat. You've fallen down the stairs twice already, but that doesn't stop you from going up and down, up and down.

I also call you my "Nature Girl". From the time you started to express yourself, you made it clear that you wanted to be outside. Many were the times you started crying when we brought you into the house. I finally gave up in trying to keep the dirt out of your mouth. You must have sampled a portion from every section of the garden. You are also always aware of any bugs or birds in the vicinity and chase them down if they allow you.

Yet, despite your one-year-old ambitions, you are still willing to cuddle. You love getting hugs and I often find you backing up to plop down on my lap. You get great pleasure from trying to run away and then getting caught and tickled. You especially love your daddy, making it clear that you NEED to be held by him and then getting a self-satisfied look when he complies.

We can't imagine life without you. You bring us so much joy - just as your middle name has proved. While I ache to shield you from the pain and evils of this world and hold you tight to myself, I know I can't. You are God's and we entrust you to Him. I pray that you will learn to find your ultimate JOY in your Creator. Happy birthday, my little one.

Love, "Mama"

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On July 19, 2010 at 3:38 PM , Bethany Talbert said...

These were beautiful posts! Loved reading them. You are a good Mum. :)