Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear De Sheng,

Today you turn 3 years old. What an incredible privilege it has been to be your mother for these past three years. Both of us have done a considerable amount of growing, side by side. It's not easy to be a first child with Daddy and Mommy trying figure out parenting on you, but you have been forgiving despite our many mistakes.

It hardly seems a year ago that you were blowing out 2 candles on a bus cake. It's fun to think back on the accomplishments of this year. You've gone from saying a few favorite words to having in-depth conversations with me. I love that you are able to explain yourself more. Just a couple days ago you were asking me to tell you about "Nesia" again. I couldn't figure out what you meant until you explained, "Nesia... you were a little girl playing in the rain." Ah! "INDONESIA!" You've also learned to use the toilet with very little help. You've welcomed a sister into your life and you've had to learn how to share not only your toys, but your parents as well. You've learned a lot about friendships this year as you've gained both 'big' and 'little' friends. I could go on and on about how you've been singing, climbing all over the playground equipment, learning your alphabet and how to write an 'H', how you drew your first smiley face on the window, learned to pedal your tricycle, helped me to plant seeds and pick our first strawberries.

You are such a joy to me. As I often say, "You make me laugh," and it's true. Both in the intentional teasing that you do and in the mistakes made when you try to say big words... both give me joy. When I asked you what kind of cake you wanted for your birthday ("Chocolate?"), you told me you wanted "delicious cake." Later you clarified that "delicious" was "good for our bodies."

I love your smile, and especially your laugh. I love your enthusiasm and your willingness to help. I love your inquisitiveness and your attention to detail. I like that you see animals in the clouds and cars in your bread crusts. I love hearing you sing, watching you dance and especially seeing you care for your little sister. I'm so thankful I get to spend my days with you.

Sure, we have struggles and bad days, but life is a journey. I pray that above all you will be on the path to knowing God and submitting your life to Him. May He give you the discernment to recognize right from wrong and the strength to chose the way that honors Him.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday week, my son. I am looking forward to this next year with you.

Love, "Mama"

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