Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Mei Li,

As I sit here anticipating the arrival of your little brother any day now, I often think back to when you were born, right here, on this very bed. You have grasped our hearts with your little hand from day one. I'm thankful that you are my second child. I have felt much more prepared to work with your determination having had practice on your brother. You sure have given us a challenges this year (like 45-minute battles of the will over a miniscule bite of vegetables). But, in the process, we have both learned important lessons, and I hope and pray that God will help us to channel that determination into a life that serves the Lord.

I love your spunkiness. You are not reckless, but you tackle challenges head on. Anything your older brother does, you follow not far behind despite your much smaller stature. It's hard to believe you are only turning two because so often you act beyond your age.

I have loved watching your personality develop and seeing the busy, daredevil girl tempered by a tender and loving spirit. I have loved the little kisses and tight neck-squeezes that you give. You are quick to say 'sorry' (although, at times, equally quick to hurt your brother just so that you get to say 'sorry').

Some of your many accomplishments this year have included sitting for long periods of time to "draw" or "color", singing lines from a couple songs, already having many successes at going potty in the toilet, climbing up AND down the bunk bed, and being able to communicate nearly every need or desire quite clearly. It is hard for me to imagine how much more this next year will bring, but I look forward to seeing it.

You are our little sunshine, and sometimes our little thundercloud. For you, like your brothers, our greatest prayer is that you learn to love and live for the One who delights in you even more than your parents do.

I love you. Happy Birthday!

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