Saturday, August 8, 2009

We did it... we bought a car! And our first exciting "Discover Britain" trip was to a place not far from home called The Heights of Abraham. Our adventures are documented in photographs below:

My son - always thrilled to go "bye-bye" and even more so in a car.

Our 7-week old - looking grumpy, but really just about ready to pass out.

Riding in the cable car up the mountain.

The view
At the top (notice castle over my shoulder that we will attempt some other day)
The first thing to tackle - a look-out tower....

...with really, really steep steps.

And a great view

Then a decent into the caves.

Back out in the sunshine and pausing for a family photo.

I've become a BIG fan of baby-wearing.

De Sheng's favorite part

Back at the bottom and wondering when the food is going to show up.

Two sleeping kids and a lovely drive through fields and forest.

Until we came upon Galilee (or so my husband said it resembled).
Lots of "sheeps" (according to De Sheng)

We walked up to the top of where the rock juts out and enjoyed the view, but of course my camera battery died right then. Then it was navigating narrow, windy roads back home again for quick baths, food and bed. It was a beautiful day in Britian enjoying God's creation.

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On August 17, 2009 at 1:49 AM , Anna said...

Hello's been fun finally catching up on friend's blogs. I like your new car!

Quick question, what kind of baby carrier do you like. Several friends from church have been using a home made "mia wrap" and love them. Especially with two, "wearing" the baby seems like such a great way to spend more time holding the little one and still getting to spend time with the toddler. :)

On August 17, 2009 at 8:45 PM , Jia Le said...

The one I'm wearing in the picture is on loan to me from church friend. I intend to make one for myself before returning it to her - I've just been delayed a bit. It just one LONG piece of stretching fabric that tapers a bit at both ends (so that it is not as bulky when you tie it). I LOVE it. The way it wraps around protects my back - which tends to hurt with other carriers. Because of the stretchy-ness, I can tuck her head inside one of the strips coming over my shoulder and be completely hands free without worrying about her head flopping around. It can completely cover her if it is too sunny or too cold, or her little feet can stick out in warmer weathers. It might be a bit warm in really hot climates, but that is not a problem here. =) I would totally recommend it for it's frugality (if you make your own) and ease of use. I went on to YouTube to see how to tie it on.

Okay... does that answer your question? I need to run - crying baby. Good to hear from you and I would LOVE to hear an update about your pregnancy as I've been thinking about you.