Thursday, October 8, 2009

One thing I've been realizing more and more lately is how often we divorce the Bible from its historical context - and what richness of meaning and significance is lost when that happens. I'm so blessed to have a husband who has not only spent years reading and studying these things, but also having been to many of the places mentioned in the Bible, he is able to read the accounts with a deeper level of understanding.

It was my turn to facilitate our ladies' Bible study on Zechariah a couple of weeks ago. I listened in fascination as my husband explained to me the history of the Babylonians and Persians - why King Darius was encouraging the Jews to rebuild the temple, why the Jews got discouraged in doing so and just how meaningful it must have been to hear Zechariah's words:

"Sing for joy and be glad, O daughter of Zion; for behold I am coming and I will dwell in your midst," declares the LORD. And many nations will join themselves to the LORD in that day and will become My people. Then I will dwell in your midst, and you will know that the LORD of hosts has sent Me to you. And the LORD will possess Judah as His portion in the holy land, and will again choose Jerusalem. Be silent, all flesh, before the LORD; for He is aroused from His holy habitation.

I was completely inspired to read more historical accounts about that time period, and thankfully, I know just the man with the right books to read! ;-)

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