Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've decided to take the leap and start my own blogsite.  I've been inspired by a few other women who do it so well though I am sure I will not be as faithful (or as interesting) as them.  I think my reasons for doing this are threefold:

1. It is a creative outlet for me to practice writing and presenting my thoughts.
2. It will allow my family who is spread across the globe to keep in touch with my life.
3. It will be a journal for me to see how God has worked in my life and for my children to look back on with memories of their childhood.

I don't have a clear direction for this blog.  I think it will mostly consist of family updates as well as helpful tidbits that I have picked up here and there.  I imagine it will evolve as it goes along.  I hope that my blog will be an encouragement to the body of Christ, but I have rather low expectations as to how many people will actually pay attention or care to follow my amateur ramblings.

I have seen other people use pseudonyms on their websites for various reasons.  I'm not sure how "big and bad" the internet actually is, but I thought it would be fun to refer to my family members by their Chinese names.  If you read this, I hope you will find something of interest and above all, that God will be glorified.

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