Monday, February 16, 2009

We've been living in our new little home for almost a month now, however things haven't changed too much from when we moved in.  I thought I would take some "Before" pictures in hopes that some day I will be able to post "After" pictures.  (I was also motivated by the fact that today was cleaning day and the rooms were mostly straightened up.) Until Zhong Sheng gets a job, we are trying to limit our spending to necessities only.  It is amazing how many things are not necessities, but we just seem to NEED to have them.

Anyway, here is a tour of my home.  Come on in!

Entering the front door, you will be in our hallway with the stairwell going up.  
To the left is our very empty living room with it's exceedingly PINK couch (but, hey, we thought we would have NO couch.. and this one is quite comfortable AND pulls out into a bed.)

Straight down the hallway is our dining room.  (Please note the lovely rose bush my dear husband bought me for Valentines Day.)
To the side is my fancy-shmancy computer desk.  (I would like to state that I am ever so very thankful that we were able to bring my computer with us.  Especially since Mr. PhD is constantly using the laptop.)
If you go out the double doors in the dining room, you will find our pretty little garden, nicely tended by our landlord.  I hope I can find some space to put in some vegetable and herb plants since the landlord preferred we didn't mess with his roses and flowers too much.

Hmm.. the kitchen is one room that I have yet to tackle today, so let's head upstairs, shall we?

At the top of the stairs is the toiletting room, of course.  With a carpeted floor... Eew!  Why?! This makes potty-training a little more worrisome.
Next to that is the bathing room.  Why the British like to keep those two separate, I don't know. Obviously being able to use the toilet while someone is bathing is convenient, but do they not wash their hands afterwards?  It would make more sense to me if there were a sink in with the toilet rather than just in the bathing room.

Across the hall is the tiny, little room which is De Sheng's room.  He does have a closet back in there, don't worry.
Down the hall to the left is our very spare guest room/storage/baby room.  It will get filled up eventually.
Lastly we come to the master bedroom.  Sigh... we are back to pink again.
Pink walls... very pink carpet... I'm really hoping this room was decorated by the landlord's wife and not the landlord himself. I'm not sure if any level of creativity will be able to make this room less pink.  Perhaps the book shelves that Mr. PhD wants to line the walls with will make a difference... rugs?  Neutral drapes??  I'll take any suggestions. 

Lastly we come to Zhong Sheng's office.  This is the area I hope to improve first with a desk for the poor man.  

That's about it.  I look forward to adding nice touches like DESKS, a "big boy" bed, bookshelves, corner tables, drapes, rugs, wall-hangings, plants, etc...  It will probably be slow progress, but already it is "home" and we like it.

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On March 27, 2009 at 10:53 PM , Adrienne said...

I like your house. At least it's not yellow. :) Thanks for the tour.