Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being a parent of two for a grand total of four weeks now, I decided to write down my impressions as we welcomed a new little one into our home. These were some of my first, and often repeated, thoughts in the past month:

1. In comparison I can't believe how big my firstborn is and how far he's developed physically and mentally in two years.

2. I love having a baby in the house again! - especially since she is so easy.

3. There is far less time to just enjoy and dwell on my second child compared to my first. I miss it.

4. Days are going to seem to go by a whole lot faster this time around.

My mom reminded me that this will probably be one of the busiest stages of my parenting life with a baby needing all that babies do and a second child looking to me for entertainment, training and correction. Most moms say it gets easier once they can start playing together. I look forward to that time, but I'm enjoying now too.

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