Sunday, July 5, 2009

I haven't been in this blog world too long, and recently I've started to question my motives and purposes in blogging. I think that some of my reasons that I stated at the beginning are valid, but I see there also a pitfall - which I will elaborate on in a minute.

In the past month, a couple things have come up (I'm not referring to a baby.. =). First, there was a good sermon series done at our church about blogging, facebook and the internet world. I referred to it here. One of the points the pastor kept re-emphasizing is the temptation to use these medias to promote ourselves. It is so easy to make it be about "ME". One thing I don't like about blogging - both mine and others - is that it is so easy to talk about my strengths and play down my weaknesses... Or address my weaknesses in a way that sounds godly and pious. A great struggle for women is comparing ourselves to others - whether we consider ourselves falling short of someone's example or whether we consider ourselves and our choices to be "above" or "better" than another's. I enjoy reading blogs when they inspire me to be a good mother or homemaker, but I have to guard my heart that they are not inspiring me towards jealousy or feelings of inadequacy. I have been convicted that my blogging has been too much about "ME"... The pitfall I referred to is my desire to impress people. I want people to consider me well-informed, interesting, amusing, on top of my game, etc... And so, I try to write to that aim. I hope for comments on my posts or my facebook because they affirm me. Of course this is all sinful, ugly and needs to be changed.

Secondly, I've considered the effects of blogging on my role as a mother. I have a new baby in the house who needs mama - a lot. My son is also leaping forward developmentally, and with this growth I've seen areas of sinfulness and foolishness that need my focus and energy to correct and train. Reading parenting advice on the Raising Godly Tomatoes website has reminded me just how full-time this role is and how vital that it be my priority. While I've tried to limit blogging to nap time or night time, it still takes time and energy that I could better use in my home, for my home. Recently, I read a blog that reinforced something I was already feeling regarding blogging and it's effects. Crystal at BiblicalWomanhood is a much more seasoned blogger with a following, but there were a few things she said that hit home for me:

I'd rather just focus on quietly loving the Lord and loving my family.
The longer I live, the more I'm learning just how little I know. Someday, Lord-willing, I'll be able to teach younger women in the spirit of Titus 2, but for now, this is the season for me to quietly live, learn, and practice that which I believe.
So true.

Where does this leave me? Well, I don't want to shut down my blog.... yet. I think I will focus on using it just for family updates (as originally intended) and perhaps throw in a recipe or something that excites me here and there. I probably will post less - maybe not, but mostly, there needs to be a change of heart on my part. If I find this isn't happening, then I will shut down entirely. I do not want to sacrifice my husband, children and especially, my Lord for an "outlet".

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