Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With a new baby in the house, it was time to put my Tummy Tub to the test. Mei Li's first bath was in the sink and she cried the whole time (probably because there wasn't enough water to keep her warm). Here is a video of her enjoying either her first or second time in the Tummy Tub (I can't remember which).

After several more bathes under our belts, we are learning how to make it work. My impressions?...

In our cold climate, it is really nice to have the baby in enough water to keep her warm (I've added more water since the video). She loves it as well. Again, it is extremely economical in water usage compared to other bathing methods. The rounded bottom makes it comfortable for the baby, and by placing it in the sink, comfortable for mom (or grandma) to do the bathing.

As in most cases with a baby this age, it is awkward to keep her head up until she develops more muscle control. As you can see, washing her lower regions can be difficult though I've found that pulling her up out of the water, turning her face-down and supporting her chest with my arm allows me to get a fairly good clean down there - she isn't keen on this because it's cold out of the water.

Overall, I'm not sold-out enough to say that it is worth the $30-45.00 you would have to spend in the states. I look forward to seeing how my experience changes as Mei Li develops and requires less support.

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On July 11, 2009 at 8:44 AM , Adrienne said...

I loved the video, Staci. It was nice to see a newborn using the tub. Thanks for writing your thoughts about it. Can't wait to use mine. :)