Monday, March 2, 2009

I wanted to share a tip with those out there who might be looking for some good, Christian music for their children or classrooms. When I used to teach 4th Grade, we would always sing along with Jana Alayra during our chapels. More than once I have gotten tearful listening to the children worship God through singing His Word.

The songs are all original and Bible-based. You can listen to fairly long clips on her website (here). They have catchy tunes for children, and most, if not all of them have motions. I don't know if she teaches the motions on her CD covers. I know you can watch her on the DVDs and our school had little booklets with the CDs to teach us the motions. Either way, it is a great resource for praising God together with your children (or in our case, dancing around the dining room in a very chaotic fashion.)

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