Monday, April 6, 2009

At my recent check up with the midwife, she pointed out that my iron levels are borderline too low.  In hopes of avoiding taking iron supplements (which have uncomfortable side effects), I am trying to incorporate a lot of iron rich foods into my diet.  Iron is found in red meats, legumes, green vegetables, etc... but to improve how your body can absorb it, it is best to eat iron-rich foods with foods containing vitamin C.  So: (Iron foods; Vitamin C)


Whole wheat breads, dried fruits, eggs, bran cereal and oranges or Orange Juice


Typically sandwiches (whole wheat bread; tomatoes) or leftovers
Snacking on pumpkin seeds (a high iron source)

Friday - Passover Seder (and birthday party for my man)

Sunday - Easter Lunch


Monday - Tacos (ground beef, kidney beans; tomato salsa)

Tuesday - Oven-grilled Mackerel with Dabu-dabu (tomato relish), Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms over Rice (seafood; Brussels sprouts and tomatoes)

Wednesday - Broccoli Chicken Delight (chicken; broccoli)

Thursday - Wendy's Quick Pasta and Lentils (lentils; tomatoes

Friday - Egg & Cheese Sandwiches (eggs)

Saturday - Hamburgers with Baked Potato Fries (beef; tomatoes)

Sunday - Reubens (corned beef; sauerkraut)

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On April 19, 2009 at 6:39 AM , Adrienne said...

Don't forget to avoid dairy when you eat iron rich foods. Calcium will prevent the absorption of iron.