Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here are some links that I enjoyed reading. Maybe there are things that will benefit you as well.

There is no society as cleanliness-focused as the US. (I state it as a fact. That is my opinion, but I do know that it is a common impression of Americans.) Don't get me wrong... other countries are very clean as well, but they don't have, or want, the hosts of cleaning products that we have. I have an uneasiness about the hygienic standards we hold ourselves to in the states. Germs aren't all that bad. They help to strengthen our bodies and build immunities. Chemicals, on the other hand, ARE quite bad for us. I wonder if we have over-sterilized our lives with unsafe products and if that is not the cause of increase in allergies, intolerances and other ailments affecting children today? (But, then again, I should admit that I am the type of mother who would take my kids to play with other kids who have chicken pox just so that they would catch it at a young age. Is that bad?)

Excellent ideas! Kids these days have way too many toys. I would far prefer giving my children experiences than endless amounts of plastic. (Grandparents, please read!!)

I need these tips.

I will mourn the day, but it is bound to come that my son will start dropping his afternoon naps. I plan, however, to train him into having a quiet time even if he doesn't sleep. We all need down time; it refreshes us. These bins are great ideas for giving children quiet play time alone.

A History on Nursery Rhymes24 Terrifying, Thoughtful and Absurd Nursery Rhymes for Children
Educational and amusing.  I've often wondered where our rather violent nursery rhymes come from.  I've known that many of them have historical backgrounds, but it was interesting to get more details about it.

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