Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only four more weeks to go!  I'm trying not to hit panic mode as we are in the final count-down now.  Things have definitely been progressing on my checklist, but unfortunately, every time I check one thing off, I feel like I have to add two more.  Oh, well.  Some things are priorities and others are not.  This is where we are at:

Pre-Baby "To Do" List
  1. Sort through baby clothes for things a girl could wear
  2. Try to get newborn spit-up stains off clothes and wash everything
  3. Clean stroller from thrift store
  4. Clean car seat from Freecycle
  5. Decide on a middle name
  6. Buy some kind of organizer/hanging shelves for baby's clothing
  7. Make a list of things to try to buy at big, summer Kwon sale
    1. Cloth diapers (wraps)
    2. Diaper pail
    3. Spit-up rags
    4. Girl accessories – shoes, bibs, hair bows
    5. Warmer layers for colder months
    6. Highchair/booster seat
    7. Car seat - maybe being given one??
    8. Buggy board for the stroller
    9. Receiving blankets (or make them?)
  8. Send wish list to parents for things from Indonesia (cinnamon, Hagelslags, tumeric)
  9. Make wish list of things for mom to pick up while she's in America (if she has time)
  10. Make a 1-month menu plan (with diabetic-friendly meals for dad)
  11. Make a grocery list to cover the menu plan - in process
  12. Order groceries online for delivery - in process
  13. Set up guest room
    1. Buy a bed - it's nice!
    2. Buy sheets, pillows, comforters, etc… - might have to make my own for an odd-sized bed
    3. Buy, hang and iron curtains in guest room
    4. Hang black-out blinds
    5. Get closet cleared out
  14. Fill out residency paperwork - just need one more piece of paper
  15. Apply for Pregnancy Grant
  16. Find dentist and make an appointment
  17. Make couch cover – okay, maybe I’ll get mom to work on this while she’s here.
  18. Finish baby blanket

    Notice the little Duplo people that were put to sleep under the blanket with much "Shh-ing."

  19. Arrange babysitters to watch De Sheng when giving birth
  20. Make schedule and explanations of De Sheng's routines for carer - in process
  21. Fill out paperwork for helping in the nursery 
  22. Buy birthday gift for De Sheng
  23. Send out update email
  24. Prepare baby announcement email
  25. Get a joint Gmail account and let people know about it
  26. Hem up living room curtains
  27. Write a few blog posts to save and publish after the baby is born
  28. Research missing items on Ebay or best deal - pre-fold diapers and clips; rain cover for stroller, buggy board - on "watch list" and waiting till last minute to bid
  29. Read through all the information from my midwife
  30. Make sure I have everything on hand for a homebirth - flashlight, towels, plastic, etc...
  31. Pack bag in case of hospital transfer for myself and baby
  32. Pack bag of De Sheng's toys and special treats for carer
  33. Research what needs to be done for baby's US citizenship paperwork - hubby can do the German side of things
  34. Send email to US embassy to confirm what is necessary for me to show physical presence in US for 5 years.
  35. Start filling out baby's paperwork and try to get proof of 5 years physical presence in US if necessary
  36. ....

Comments (2)

On May 20, 2009 at 7:13 PM , Adrienne said...

Nice job on the blanket, Staci.

On June 4, 2009 at 4:40 AM , Leah said...

STACI, ok you amaze me with your organization. I thought I loved lists!! LOL This is SO...aghh, I can't even think of a word. LOL