Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is it Wednesday already!??  Because I've been writing and saving blog drafts for the future, I feel like I have posted more often than I have.  Sorry.  

This is another Wednesday that might not get much done.  On Wednesdays I have a ladies' Bible study at church in the morning and today I had to make a cake to take for an activity that is happening there tonight (I'm not going, they just needed desserts for it).   This afternoon I have to swing by the clinic to pick up a prescription for iron tablets.  Sigh... apparently my iron ended up too low after all.  Hopefully we can get it boosted to the right levels else I will have to have a hospital birth.  Shouldn't be a problem, says my midwife.  

SO with all those excuses and a few more.... in the time remaining, dinner to get on and a little boy to keep busy, I hope to:

1. Take my 35th-week belly picture
2. Clear out the things that are dying (or worse, growing!) in my fridge
3. Hem up my second living room curtain
4. Work some more on the baby blanket (It's almost done.  Yay!)

The only one that might not happen is #3.

Alright... "hi-ho, hi-ho... it's off to work we go..."

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