Friday, May 22, 2009

This is a tentative meal plan for the 5 weeks that my family will be here after the baby is born.  It won't be followed (for one, I believe my church will provide about a week's worth of meals at some point), but it helps to have something in place so that I don't have to scramble at the last minute.  It will also help as I prepare my grocery list.  I especially like being able to link to the recipe sites when I'm trying to remember what I was planning on making for dinner. 

Breakfast Ideas
∗ Toast and Eggs - scrambled, boiled, fried, omelet
∗ Pancakes
∗ Banana Bread
∗ Cereal/Oatmeal/Muesli
∗ French Toast
∗ Bagels

Lunch Ideas
∗ Sandwiches/Wraps
∗ Fried Rice
Quinoa Tabbouleh
∗ Hot Dogs
∗ Left-overs

June 15 – 21 (Mom and Shawn Arrive – 19th)
Italian – Spaghetti
Mexican – Mexican Lasagna
Asian – Egg & Tomato and Stir-fried Chicken andVegetables over Rice
American – Chicken Tetrazzini
Crock pot – Pollo (Chicken) Fricassee
Other – Spanish Rice Bake with Beans
Easy – Potato Bar
June 22 – 28 (Mom leaves – 25th, Dad Arrives – 26th)
Italian – Lemon Cream Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables
Mexican – Tacos
Asian – Baked Fish with Dabu-dabu and Stir-fry Veg over Rice
American – Broccoli Chicken Delight
Crock pot – North Carolina-style Pork BBQ (vinegar-based)
Other – Black Beans and Rice
Easy – Beef Stroganoff
June 29 – July 5 (Dad and Shawn)
Italian – Spaghetti Pie
Mexican – Fajitas
Asian – Ground Beef/Pepper/Tomato Stir-fry over Rice
American – Heavenly Potatoes and Ham with Vegetables
Crock pot – Crock Pot 20 – 40 Clove Garlic Chicken with Veg and Rice
Other – Quinoa and Black Beans
Easy – Hamburgers
July 6 – 12 (Mom arrives – 6th)
Italian – Pizza
Mexican – Enchiladas
Asian – Babi Kecap, Egg & Tomato and Stir-fried Vegetables over Rice
American – Tamale Pie
Crock pot – Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup
Other – Stuffed Zucchini
Easy – Omelets, hash browns and bread
July 13 – 19 (Dad, Mom, Shawn leave – 14th)
Italian – Baked Ziti and Vegetables
Mexican – Taco Salad
Asian – Lemon/Basil Chicken and Peppers over Couscous
American – Tuna Loaf and Vegetables
Crock-pot – Chili and cornbread
Other – Barley Casserole
Easy – Creamed Eggs on Toast

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